Snow Blower Safety

Recommendations for safe use of a jammed snow blower snow blowers include: (OCD STICK)

1. If the snow blower jams, immediately turn it OFF

2. Disengage the CLUTCH

3. DELAY...Wait 10 seconds after shutting of to allow Impeller Blades to stop rotating

4. Always use a STICK or broom handle to clear impacted snow. The stick most be strong enough to avoid breakage or eye injures can result from flying fragments.

5. Never put your hand near chute or around blades

6. Keep all shields in place. Do not remove safety devices on machine

7. Keep hands and feet away from moving parts

8. Keep a clear head, concentrate and ...

    Do not drink alcoholic beverages before using a snow blower


As physicians dedicated to the care of the Hand and Upper extremity we want to inform the public concerning the perils and pitfalls of improper snow blower use.  Physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and therapists who deal with these injuries live in fear of the first heavy wet snow of the season. Invariably injuries are seen despite general knowledge that these injuries occur. These safety tips cannot guarantee against injury but hopefully if you are reading these or even better spreading these, it is one more step towards preventing these types of injuries.


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News organizations and weather services can help.

Conditions that are associated with a higher incidence of injuries, hay wet snow exceeding 6 inches of accumulation and temperatures above 28 degrees Fahrenheit offer good opportunities to provide warning for the public. We need your help to reduce the incidence of these preventable injuries.