Pediatric Powerpoint Presentations

Children finger and hand fractures  presented by The Hand Center of Western Massachusetts Springfield Massachusetts


Splinting of the fingers, hand, wrist and elbow in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting Shriners Hospitals for Children Presented by: Jeffrey Wint, M.D. and Bruce Wintman, M.D.

Splinting of the Fingers and Hand 


Splinting of the Wrist and Forearm 


More presentations from our talks to, Pediatricians,  Orthopedic Residents, Medical Students and Occupational Therapists at Shriners Hospital in Springfield, MA.


Pediatric Fractures of the Finger and Hand

Discusses Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Pediatric Finger and Hand Fractures
Highlights several important common but m,ore complex Pediatric hand  fracture patterns to WATCH OUT for.


Discusses the epidemiology, classification, commonly associated syndromes, and surgical treatment of Syndactyly.

Discusses causes, diagnosis and treatment for common pediatric wrist injury including fractures.

Discusses diagnosis, examination, commonly associated problems and treatment of Congenital, Forearm and Elbow Differences including congenital amputations and synostosis.
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